Savage Crow - Without You -

Letra Without You

I look through my window
And I feel so alone
I miss you so much
And my strength is gone
I have no more power
To survive the days
Every minute, every hour
I see your empty face

The passing clouds show me your face
I long for you
These illusions drive me mad
And I can?t remember who I am
Nothing makes sense without you

I look to your picture
It?s been upon the wall
The smile on your face
And my heart begins to fall
God shows no mercy
Tears our love apart
He?s taking you away from me
And it breaks my heart

I feel like my eternal torn up
The fragility absorbs me
I can?t escape from that
I wish I could take you in my arms again

Without you
My lost love
Where have you gone
Why can?t I find you anymore
My heart pains with endless mourning
My being is so vain