Savage Crow - Way Of The Cross -

Letra Way Of The Cross

Don?t try to change me
I am what I am
Don?t undermine me
So you will understand
The way I choose is justified
I?m tired of the lies
I?m tired of the games we?ve played
With other people lives

Don?t be against me
Finally you know the fact
Don?t try to convince me
It would be a senseless act
I?m tired of the promises
We?ve never meant to keep
It?s time to face the holy truth
The matter of the fact

Don?t try to stop me
I?m like an irresistible stream
Don?t try to trap me
I?m like a still recurrent dream
I?ll creep through your subconsciousness
And make believe what?s right
The way of the cross will be the way
The way you will survive

Way of the cross
Way of the holy cross, yeah
Way of the cross
Try to find something useful
To do with your life