Savage Crow - Excalibur -

Letra Excalibur

I was lying wounded in the fields of battle
And remember the times
Which never come I tried to bound ?em,
But I failed, I never realized I thought
I was the chosen one

My last order
To my brother
Return the steel
To the lady of the lake
I was named the king
And ruled a land of justice
I command my knights
They attend me to the darkest places
Where the evil hides
They never leave my side

I close my eyes
A flash backward
And in my mind
I saw how it started
A barque appeared offshore
And took me back to avalon
Where I belong
The sisters give me shelter
And will heal me from my pain
My fear is gone

The time will come
For my return
Take back the steel
And fight for people?s right
The sword on my side
Together we?re almighty
We don?t give a damn without a fight