Sam Gopal - Yesterlove -

Letra Yesterlove

The dawn is touching many sleeping windows
With it's fingers burning coldly in the mist

And the sea it runs restless
With it's seary nerves a walking
And its dreams of ages long ago
Have been disturbed

And I'm standing in the shelter of the eastward searching sky
And I'm searching for the peace that I have lost

And the soul of me will screaming
With the gamuts and the goads
And with he's hopeless
For I know that I am lost

For you are far away across the swirling plain that is before me
A year ago I said goodbye

And wondered that dryness of my eyes
As you walk quickly, through the ripple, wrinkled sand
Out of my life, and I could never understand the reason why
It never turned toward the last, goodbye

You can see the place where once we walked with heads together talking
And our faded shrinking footprints left to sigh

That we were no summer lovers
And the walls were down between us
And we thought as one
And there were shining in our eyes

A thousand words that we would not have time too say
And all the thoughts that I had never thought before

And you once whispered
'This is one for everything that happens'
And the things we said were ancient and unknowing
And our hands were always touching
Though it just was not enough, ..... to only see you

And the sun has thrown the world in spinning circles
Once again the dawn is bridging night and day

And I stare at the horizons
To it's shimmers in the distance
Or the tears in my eyes
Or is the sun too strongly shining

Or the clouds in silence shambling in the sky of dawning in beauty
And the dawn and new beginning

And suddenly I know that it is over
And the sorrow washes through me
Touching all my beam of coldness
That I know its only passing
For the hurt begins to fade

And at that instant turning, I can see creation
And the single beam of sunlight
And I thank you for the lesson
That I'm learning for you gave me my first love
And that is surely and as precious gift
To thank you from the bottom of my broken heart

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