Sam Apple Pie - Stranger -

Letra Stranger

Walking through a lonely park
Catch of glimps of eyes so dark
Staring from her face
So open wise

My clothes are dry
And my heart is pounding
Stops and stares
But it's understanding why

The summer's be
And I start to walk
The summer's be
With those isotops, oh why?

It takes my hand
And it calls me friend
And I start to compreehend
That is so different of you and I

Talks of hopes of human peace
A distant path on a desert beast, oh why?

And does these things it does with meat
Oh I lay down at to sleep and cry, oh to what price?

Oh Manuel your words are true
Won't you tell me what to do?
I've been so selfish
In the past

But it's got
Only I remain
As I walk
On her way again, oh why?

I don't think I was mistaken
That old man was my concious aching, why?

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