Sacred Steel - Crucified Again -

Letra Crucified Again

Behold the legions of the damned they ride this night
They rose from the burning lands where they´ve been tied
In death they heard the battle horn
Obeyed its call
This time the tyrant and his Christ will surely fall
Come forth under will
Dark horde
The oath must be fulfilled
Spill the blood of Christ
In heaven you´ll be crucified again
Once more there´s blood and agony in paradise
All hear the screams of tortured souls as angels die
It´s true
The 1000 years are gone
The beast returns
This time the tyrant and his bastard son they´ll burn
You´re in for the kill
Cruel lord
Your blood must be spilled
It´s the dawn of man
The reign of hell has just begun
It´s the end of God
The fall of heaven now has come
It´s done
In awe we watch the crimson heavens burn
Welcome the new age of free will
The tides have turned
No more the slaves of hatred
Finally we´re free
No God
No rules will force us to our destiny
Free to roam at will
Dark horde
The oath has been fulfilled