Residents - Jello Jack The Boneless Boy -

Letra Jello Jack The Boneless Boy

Jello jello jello jello jello jello...
ho ho ho i'm jello jack the jolly boneless boy.
i live inside a jar beside the rooster boy named roy.
they pour me out upon a platform and the people stare
at eyeballs in a pool of flesh surrounded by some hair.
i wish i was a cowboy or maybe just a bird
singing simple melodies that no one ever heard
soaring with the winter winds and bringing in the spring
sharing air with orioles and bumblebees that sting
and making babies proud of all the bugs that i would bring.
i'd sit up high above the ground and laugh as i looked down
at all the silly humans as they slowly trudged around.
but as i see the end of evening turn into the night
the bird inside my brain becomes a light that is too bright.
in his dreams at night he hears a white hot light
and he knows that god is singing in his dreams at night.
hot heat smolders smoking embers
vibrate deep, vibrate deep
cause teeth clinch, cause vibrate deep
inside the sucking sound of suction,
suction, sucking sections of my soul,
sucking sections of the only thoughts
my mind will salivate and drool
and press against itself and press
against itself and feel the cursing
flow of fever, driven, biting, grinding, clinging,
ream the center of the sun
with shafts of solid steel
know that there is nothing like the feeling
of those steel fingers up inside
of something sticky, sweet and wet
feel the lips of licking licky wet liquid;
feel the tongue that touches the tips of sharp pointed things