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Letra Burn Away

Hmm just the almigty knows
I have been too long under your mental block
Burn away the tobacco three
Burn all poison industry
Haffi set the captives free right now
So that I can freely smoke my joint
So that you freely smoke you joint
So that we freely smoke we joint
Anyone freely smoke the marihuana

Babylon them legalize cannabis fo them smoke alone
While down in africa the rasta still get in jail yao
We don't care about your prohibitions,we smoke it anyway
Anyhow and every where
Tell the government it's a holly sacrament it is the poor man friend and is not for
Entretainmet it was found growing on the grave of king salomone the wisest man on this earth


Them say black are fool could never rule do what I say don't you try what I do but this king sellassie came and teached us to pray.And I act on this puy yhis morders away