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Letra Streets

police in the back round, screaming put your thing down,
thats so hard i was trying to put my thing down.
sirecne ringing out, old ladies screaming out,
all this atention for me and im barely 16 now,
feeling like a dream now, hand cuffed,ruffed up,double tossed up,
lying next to feese now, its the end of the story now, let me bring you niggahs
to the first scene now,dec. 4 this child is born,
before i knew it i had my pops trowsers on!,
thats how we do it, when the man of the house is gone,
you either, stand a form or show the stand.
and walk out side so i could blow my hand, its a cold cold world.
but i over stand, trying to stay focused but i feel hopeless then,
can kope im a broken man.
Son don't let these streets get the best of you, i will be right by your side, when your going to.
so you just don't let it, just don't let, just don't let it, get the best of you!

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