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Letra Prodigal Son

I catch myself time & time again
Tryna do my own thing
And it always leads to falling into sin
Then I tell myself start running
Running from your ways maybe that was just a phase
I don't think it's my time right now
Now I'm worst of than I was
I can't make it without you, Lord
Yeah I need your love

I'm tired of slippin', tired of dippin'
I keep on running out on you
Tired of my way leading me astray
I need to be lost in you
I need to come back, Lord, I wanna come back
I need to come back to you

I learned my lesson, fled my old ways
Now what I gotta do is trust and obey
Yeah sin is fun but it's only for a season
Now I gotta reap what I sew and it happened for this reason
Because I went astray I was caught up in a daze, yeah
Running from you
Now that the damage is done, I know that you're the only one
Who can pick up the pieces and put me back together

I failed you this time, if I could take it back I would
But now I gotta press on
Hold me in your arms in the place where I find refuge
I should have never gone so
I'm coming
Right where I belong