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Letra Back On The Road

Back at it again
All this arguing
I can't take this no more
Goes straight into the core
Like when you push me away
When all I wanna do is
Make sure you're okay
And I don't know how much more of it
I can take so
Let me find my way to the door
And I got my bags all packed
Got the keys
Ready to roll in the Lac
Don't even try to stop me
Cuz I ain't flirting (?) back
I'm going somewhere far away cuz
Cuz I had enough of that

Back on the road for the last time
I won't look back
I can't look back
I won't look back
I'll never look back
She wasn't the one for me
I'd never know to ever say (?)
Back on the road
Going somewhere far from you (2x)

I'm not that affected (?)
That you didn't care no more
And you stopped saying I love you
Like you did before
And then you try to hide
All the guys on the side
And then you let your pride
Try to fight why it's right
For you to come home late at night
And then you throw it in my face
I'm not gonna trust you
Fuck you
And I'm gonna say for the last time
Stop calling my phone
All that crying
It don't work no more
Baby gotta find her own


From you...


Far from you...