Pest - Commanding Armageddon -

Letra Commanding Armageddon

Screams of a malign hunger
Shatters heavens before me
Dead night storms enter...

No more light beyond the gates
Fog of the burning believers
Emerges from the soil
Beneath a sky and exploding stars

Wrath of a new era
New risen past of fury
Anvient wisdom have escaped...

Causing chaos and bereavement in your eyes
Years of he fallen humans
Drawing circles in the wind in one feeble attempt
To stir up the skies

Darkened images - of misery
Unholy visions - born from hate
I tread maelstroms forlorn...

Yearns of a thousand humans
Their tortured souls are falling
- By your path you stand betrayed...

Wastelands cold from winter frost
And endless deserts await beyond your sun

A spectral glow shimmers upon the dead
Monuments of death's pale dominion
Stand before you