Pendragon - The Wishing Well -

Letra The Wishing Well

Part I: For your Journey

Destination unknown,
Steer this great ship through time and space.
Through cold and dark abyss
Are we falling into freefall,
Set the controls and steer that great ship, Mankind.
Through the black holes, past the asteroids, To safety.
As you take each others hand, And you reach into each others heart.
Pray that moment never crumbles away, And dies.
Becomes as the dusty books, The broken wings of butterflies.
Don't lose that moment of thought, That human touch.
So what if you're wrong? Still means so much?
And when you feel broken, And you look up to the stars.
When the humans could no longer love, Remember who you are.
And as mans time slips away, Through the alboss of fate,
Remember you are as a molecule,
Some fool of heart, Which willl always make things great.
You might well be wrong. Is it better to be happy , or be right?
Never let those eyes twinkle out. Just always walk in the light.
And carry the crazy, the wild, the exciteable, the child.
And when you fall to your knees, And your eyes are full of tears.
It's time to make things new. Listen to your heart. I beg you, Please

Part II: So by Sowest

As the first snowflakes fall, The toys in the window cast their spell.
On childrens eyes, Sparkle in the night.
Laying down to sleep, Per chance to dream.
Nothing left but ashes, Just a case, a date, a name.
So, plot a course Mr. Bligh, For Sou' by Sou' West.
These deep shark infested seas, Must do now what's for the best.
So, plot a course Mr. Bligh, For Nor' by Nor' East.
We must hold fast now,
With tears in our eyes and the thought of our Heaven is on our cheeks.
A coat of arms, a unicorn chained.
The lion, the dragon it sleeps, it's not slayne.
Born to slavery is human fate. I want to believe in something that's great.
I want to destroy these draconian laws, And self rule the heavens,
Closing all doors.
Then one day we woke up and said, "Maybe we'll change".
Until then, Throw a coin in the wishing well.
I saw church, I saw steeples, I saw colours, I saw people.
Harlequin and Columbine, Disneyland to Frankenstein.
(From the peolpe who brought you Einstein,
The people who brought you Tolstoy)
The people who brought you Lagerfelt and Klein,
Rockerfeller, Monet, and Charles Manson doing time.
Rotheschild, Pol Pot, and Chaplain if you must,
And the Vatican in all sincerity, It's in your Gold we trust.

Part III: We Talked

We talk music, we talk nothing, We talk girls, we talk nothing
In fact, all the things that made us who we are,
Candlelight and laughter, Wine and much much more.
Some get love, some get rich, Some get famous seven year itch.
But if you ever know exactly who you are
So uncultured, human rights, Are worth much more by far.
I saw coloured lights hanging from the trees
Celebrating who we are, this memory stayed with me.
But if you want to know exactly who you are,
Come to see the boys one night, Our music's set us free.
Hello morning filled with so much rain.
Don't think I can ever drink that much again.
Where's your sense of humour, The spirit of your youth.
Let's get our day and bag some weights, Tonight we'll just be rude.
They say this is the path, And final age of man,
The best is yet to come, Before we kick the can.
Question everything, Believe nothing.
They say this is the path, And final age of man.
Human culture, Human rights, We've all gone much too far.
So let's get out and hit some dirt, Before we ford a boat.
Hello morning, Hello pain.
Don't think I could ever drink that much again.
Question everything, Believe nothing.
We talk music, We talk nothing.

Part IV: Two Roads

Two roads entwined and never ending,
Two souls, upon each other are depending.
And in my mind, my heart. And in my heart new words.
Nude flesh, glowing in the halflight.
New words, that only they can understand.
The mortal man may know, You never let those feelings show.
This is the difference in the sun and the moon
So wrong, you don't know anything.
This is the difference in the positive and negative.
So right, but do you really want to fight.
Shear! Like a waterfall.
Two roads, Long and never ending.
Two souls, upon each other are depending.
Two roads, and down that long path they go.
And in my mind, my heart. And in my heart, new words.
Her thoughts, floating like an iceberg.
It's such a lot to call unpractical mandate
Keep it safe for your journey home.
Two roads, Long and never ending.
Two souls, upon eacch other are depending.
Two roads, and I took the one that's travelled.
Two roads, but you were always in the east and in the west
Two roads, shear like the raindrops on my tongue.
Maybe the twain someday shall meet.