Pagoda - Sahara -

Letra Sahara

In the back of the drumshop 'castle in the sand'
I met a man I called him crazy eyes he was half blind
He was like the sunshine, he was kind
He said come back, sit on my rough
We would drink tea, he asked about me
So where are u from?
I said New York
He said wow? Sew york? said big welcome new york big big welcome
I speak 7 languages german french italian chinese english and arabic
I said wow man! Nice, fantastic
He said your mind like a cup you fill it up
He handed me a broken guitar
We played and laughed we sang song that was close to me yet so far
When he said ok now we play what you want american, big welcome

Mama Africa
Aaa, Africa
Mama mama africa
Can you take me to the desert
It means sahara
Take me to Sahara
Big welcome mama africa
Drop me now to the desert
Here we come sahara
Mamamama africa
Here we come sahara
Sasasasahara mamamama Africa
Mama mama mama mamamama