Pagoda - Disintegrate -

Letra Disintegrate

Sittin' here, in this room
Window's open, tv's on
Sky is gray, and that's ok
It's not ok, are we ok?

Sit and think of dreams last night
The water wave they couldn't save
Father or man, I can't understand
I couldn't understand, I don't understand

The journey of a man
Woman or pride, child or life
All that's stuffed inside

Inside so tough, but many different things
I would talk about, yeah, we mean so much more
Open door, or a flag spreading, just a hole
The woman call, the healing one, in a lonely soul
And do we see it so soon? Do we see the fate?
As we write words, but we don't create

Do we create? Do we create? Do we create?
A single life where we can feel the dream
Or fantasy or make a sky, stuff inside
We are high, it doesn't work, I'm a
A stupid dumb, feeling numb
Slam fun, slam fun