Pagoda - Baptize -

Letra Baptize

What if I could
But I'm bad I wanna be good
I'm sad but I'm happy for you
Wish you didn't do what you did
Broken nerve is sacred law
And I've heard everyone. Hello
Bad ties in a river
Wish upon a fish beneath
Oh my tears dear mother
You're greater than we know
I'm humbled by the sight of you
I'm praying to a giant tree

Its indescribable
So indescribable
So indescribable

When you're alone
I know you fitted in your soul
You might ask why
Cause its the spirit that I feel inside
(The spirit I feel inside)
I'm your piece and I'm alive
(I'm your piece and I'm alive)
When I am of the one
(When I am of the one)
When you're the sacred one
(When you're the sacred one)

All god's children