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Letra Set Adrift On Memory Bliss

Set adrift on memory bliss p.m. dawnthe camera pans the cocktail glass,behind a blind of plastic plants;i found the lady with the fat diamond ring.then you know i can't remember a damn thing.i think it's one of those de ja vu things,or a dream that's tryin' to tell me something.or will i ever stop thinkin' about it.i don't know, i doubt it.subterranean by design,i wonder what i would find if i met you,let my eyes caress you,until i meet the thought of missess princess who?often wonder what makes her work.i guess i'll leave that question to the experts,assuming that there are some out there.they're probably alone, solitaire.i can remember when i caught upwith a pastime intimate friend.she said, "bet you're probably gonna say i look lovely,but you probably don't think nothin' of me."she was right, though, i can't lie.she's just one of those corners in my mind,and i just put her right back with the rest.that's the way it goes, i guess.baby you send meset adrift on memory bliss of youcareless whisper from a careless man,a neutron dance for a neutron fan;marionette strings are dangerous things,i thought of all the trouble they bring.an eye for an eye, a spy for a spy,rubber bands expand in a frustrating sigh.tell me that she's not dreaming.she's got an ace in the hole,it doesn't have meaning.reality used to be a friend of mine,'cause complete control, i don't take too kind.christina applegate, you gotta put me on.guess who's piece of the cake is jack gone?she broke her wishbone and wished for a sign.i told her whispers in my heart were fine.what did she think she could do?i feel for her, i really do.the next day i had the ring finger on her hand,i wanted her to be a big pm dawn fan,but i had to put her right back with the rest.that's the way it goes, i guess.baby you send me...set adrift on memory bliss of you