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Letra Forever Frost

Beyond this frozen tundra
Far from the lush borealis
This land of ice and snow
Rolling drifts lap a frozen sea
From the cliffs of Rocky Mountains
Her peaks pierce the blizzards sky
To the barren glacier ice fields
Behold the great pillars of ice
And they hand like jagged wolf fangs
Sparkles like crystal
From the northern lights
A mystical sight so precious indeed
This is our home, the Winterland
Forever frost, unforgiving
In this land that we live in
Forever frost, God forsaken
Can't break the arctic pack
Welcome to the kingdom of snow
Cold mysteries are unknown
Welcome to the Winterland
The snow fall will forever remain a mystery
Just like this never ending winter
This land of eternal snow and fog
Penetrating frost like an icy stone
Cold is the heart that wields the sword
Carving out the ancient landscape
Glacier riddled northern badlands
A place that I call my home
Icicles like diamonds
Are just as precious to me
A jewel in the crown of Vinland
Eternal winter's fury reign