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Letra A Call to Arms

Like a raging wind
We scorched the earth
With a fist of steel
We swept armies aside
With hammers of fire
Set the world ablaze
In mighty bursts of flame
Bombs fell from the sky

By the Declaration of war
We answered the call to arms

For the glory of the Empire
A dream that one day will be real

The city streets in jubilee
Parading for victory
Hysteria the people cheer
A deafening roar is all you hear

Trumpet and fife
Marching band lead the way with pipe
Marching to the beat of the drum
Chin up, eyes straight, with shouldered gun
Fathers take their sons by the hand
Marching off together into foreign lands
Follow the beat of the drum
There's a job to be done
Embrace the call

To hell with the cowards
They run and hide
Remembered are those who've fought and died
Honoured ones who gave their lives
Their names shall be written in stone
Preserved for eternity
The price of victory pays a heavy toll
Freedom doesn't come cheap