One Less Reason - 77 -

Letra 77

This happened once before with someone just like you.
I let my guard down and got devestated.
If you listen close you might here that sound.
I'm not sure but I think its my heart breaking.

Someday you'll see I love the way you love me.
In me there's nothing good but you.
And when this ends we'll feel so overated.
Outdated but never ashamed.

You know I'll try to change.
I didn't mean to lie.
But everything I am is falling around me.
I feel sure the breath.
You've got so deep inside.
And I can't forget the first time I made you cry.


Black and white will fade to grey.
I'm nothing like you.
I lost all I am in just one day.
Tell me this is not real.

Consider yourself my very one desire.
Consider yourself my slave.
Consider yourself at my fingertips.
Consider yourself my slave.
I think you're beautiful.