Omni Mortuus - Immortal Flame Part I -

Letra Immortal Flame Part I

This is in night
The Immortal fight
God will be dead
For all time
Yes, indeed



This the darkest night
Fear all the night to fight
We will be there again
Dying, immortal flame

All we are mighty ones
Trying to get the sun
Die again...
We will be ne'er the lost

See the dark, deep in the slime
Can't help to kill for a price
(see the flame)
We will be lost again
And see the immortal fight
(see the flame)
What will we have again
To kill the son of the god
(see the flame)
We look down, kill him now
Rip the lies, straight from his heart
Down again, or will we laugh again
This will be the last, until we meet again
This will be the fight, we will see the immortal flame...

*long screech*

I will not recieve, repentance for my sins
Rise again the night
(This space lost in memory)
When will the lively god dust to waste
In the intestine's sun
We will rise again...
See it, rise again!
OH, they die all again
See, control, this is the way
For us to die
Night will be gone
For all divine
This is the way
We will rise! [hold]

*long screech*