Nightrage - Collision of Fate -

Letra Collision of Fate

A collision course of the deepest kind
Emotions of your inner light
A fate worse than death!

On the most magical nightof your life
The motion of the sinner's pride
And the love that we have lost

This is our last hope
This is our last search
As it was always there
A hopeful future
The realization of danger
The black stars!

Your fateful sight
Ignoring their spite
The destruction of hardships
A never ending story

We never seem to win this fight
One thousand steps that come between us

On the wings of fulfilling smiles
We never seem to wonder why
Our collision of fate will be worse than death

1st melody: Marios
2nd melody/solo: Olof
3rd solo: Marios

Your fateful sight
Ignoring their spite
This is our last hope
A Collision of fate

1st acoustic solo: Marios
2nd acoustic solo: Olof