Neurotech - The Race To Recovery -

Letra The Race To Recovery

erase me, don?t tell me
i?ll take you far away from here
delete me, complete me
in the race to recovery

i?ve come to the end of a tunnel
i?ve seen that light exist
but it?s not a part of your soul
it?s all beyond control

what to say
at least i am trying
what to say
to runaway, runaway
what to say
the leaves are dying
i am pushing you
far away, far away

yet nothing has changed
you are still a part of me
there?s not more to say
the pain is still the same

not the same while the road is still rising
not the same but i am coming near
not myself but what i am becoming
i am shifting into higher gear

what to say
the race is ongoing
what to say
it?s built with fear
what to say
i am gathering power
for pushing you
far away from here

there is only one thing i would want you to know
i never thought that i could be so cold
i send these words of mine into the wide world
i never thought you could be so cold

the race to recovery