Nerlich - Mask for the Faceless -

Letra Mask for the Faceless

Tissues produce acid liquids
Dissolving the limbic system.
The contamination of brains
Creates false illusions of reality.

To reduce the nausea, vomiting,
They are fed by a substance
That burns their brain,
Sometimes kills, or more frequently
Causes neurological disorders.
Catastrophic insanity of those involved.
The chemical rape of humanity.

Conflicts with the multiple personalities,
Sub-consciousness denies the reality
And drowns into the defensive dimensions of the mind.
Breeding sufficient mental problems by
Creating addictions to the chemicals.

Altering the functions of the
Outer layers of the brain,
Manic, it causes mental instability -
Severe mental illness.
Its a spur into violent behaviour.

Compulsive need to move constantly, gnaw on dried skin.
Chronic infection in the anal, it hurts to shit.

[repeat verses 2 & 3]

The blow goes through the arteries to the brains,
Lost to the other side of conscious.
The substance starts to melt the innards
And boil the brains, inflicting pain.
Die from internal bleeding.

[repeat verse 1]

They can't see your face,
It's lost into obscurity.
They can't see your face.