Nerlich - Insane Creations / Inorganic Echoes -

Letra Insane Creations / Inorganic Echoes

Dark cellar full of rotten bodies
The floor is flooded with intestines
Time and again the sight gets me excited
Sweat is itching on my forehead
As I wade through the mass of decaying flesh
I pick up some bones and lick them
Harsh taste fills my mouth, I puke
Suppurating chunk is lying on the floor
Put it in my mouth and swallow
Feasting on the rotting flesh for hours

Four bodies hanging from the ceiling
Still alive, they beg for mercy
Slash and hack and murder them all
Rip and cut and laugh at their fall
Few limbs still twitch on the floor

Set the fire and make them burn
Nothing is sweeter than the burning flesh
I'm getting high and I won't resist
I hear them calling my name
And I still hear the screams echoing in my head
As I eat them we'll become as one
And as I shit and cum they'll take a new physical form

Insane - Creations - Inorganic - Echoes

Yet my hunger isn't satisfied
(New victims are so easy to find)
Maim and mutilate them as their caught
Toss the pieces on the walls
And furiously hack their skulls
Open the chests with a blunt knife
Rip-off your genitals and disembowel your guts