Neja - Restless -

Letra Restless

So now you're back again
thinking all that you did is gone
but, baby, i can't forgive you
so you'd better go,
walk out the door
i see you here again
and you say
that your love is true...boy
you think i can't resist you
so you'd better go
nefore i fall (in love)
I don't know why
we're so restless
i know, you know, it's true (3x)
i don't know why
we're so restless
i don't know why
you feel so strong
Sometimes i feel so bad
'cause i think that
you'll never change, oh oh
can you promise
that you won't hurt me anymore
no anymore
you'd better ask yourself
what's the thing
that you're looking for...but
you can't find all the answers
in another girl
another love...