Natalie Merchant - Jealousy -

Letra Jealousy

Jealousynatalie merchantalbum: tigerlily1-ooh, jealousy ooh, my jealousyis she fine, so well-bredthe perfect girl, a social deb?and is she the sort, that you've always thoughtcould make, could make you what you're not?(repeat 1)is she smart, so well-readare there books, are there novels by her bed?and is she the sort that you've always saidcould satisfy your head?ooh, jealousyla, la, la...ooh, my jealousyna, na, na, jealousydoes she talk, the way i do?is her voice, is her voice reminding youof the promises, the little white lies, toosometimes, tell me, while she's touching youjust by mistake, accidentally, do you say my name?source: late night with david letterman (may 13)