Mythological Cold Towers - The Vanished Pantheon -

Letra The Vanished Pantheon

So now the fallen idol, let the the ceremonial scepter falls
A carved sign stands out in its breastplate
Feathered snakes crawl over moaics of Uxmal's palace
Under Tollan's reign, the snake cloud. Will lead the return of Kukulcan
And Hua Apu will come back from Xibalba triumphantly from the forests
The Huitzilopochtli horde rises with obsidian daggers and jaguar masks

Oh Lord Pacal resurrect from your sleep
The battle's are back. Rise Kui's scepter one more time

Itzamana, Chaac, Kinich, Ah Ahpul, Illyapa, Quetzacoatl, Mani, Llipji, Kon

The assembly is started by Paa-zuma. The fourth sun dies...
And Kun Crowns the mountains with his dense mist
Dynasties beholds destruction return, dominant, austere, ascetic stone colossus
Over the desert, titan with empty dead eyes

Mitnal will devour his enemies' souls. Supai will keep in his abyss
Maku will conquer one more land and condor man totem will arise

The assembly is started. And Kun Crowns the mountains with his dense mist

Those who come from the plateaus
In their triumphant march, Kari's legion more forward
The Auka's fire prophecies of coming cataclysm

Snake totems, thunder weapon scepters, coming from the Kollawas
Conquer what ours once to enthrone pre solar deities