Mythological Cold Towers - The Lost Path To Ma-Noa -

Letra The Lost Path To Ma-Noa

I roam to the lost city
And proceed towards the recesses of Antichthon
Beyond the gorges of Kish
Beyond the mist of Tanum

Over and above the gates of Salazere
A poisonous fog blinds my eyes
An enigma of desolation
I'm in front of the forgotten portal

On it, inscriptions of an indecipherable alphabet
Walls of illusions, a Faustian dwelling
I roam to the lost city

A golden mirror, quintessence of the Sun
I advance under the veil of the Amazon
Just ahead, a skull, an evil omen

Through the jungle towards the legendary Paititi
Stricken by the arrows of Kalapalos
At the meeting with the Mavutsinim