Mythological Cold Towers - Like An Ode Forged In Immemorial Eras -

Letra Like An Ode Forged In Immemorial Eras

In the beginning of ages
Auspices of the eagles i saw...
Mortuary urns and adorned coffins
A chthonian theodicy

Lost trails in a misty morning
Heirs of Crom roam upon the Earth
Punished by darkness, bleak from the Sun
As the abandoned palaces

The heralds carry their victory
Now the eagle flies to the sun
Restoring a new empire
Bravery of the now defunct gods

Veiled with mantles of light
These great icons that ruled the Land
Yet, grey shaped tomblike forms arise
And then the pediment of hypogeum is accomplished

The Mesomphalo burns with dense arrows
It's the return of wrath and tragedy
Never seen nor touched
Ages... like they've never happened at all