Mythological Cold Towers - Beyond The Frontispiece -

Letra Beyond The Frontispiece

Beyond the gods of destiny vestiges of ornaments
Which we will touch with mortan hands what only gods
Have touched
What the ancients have seen what the ages ave hidden

Enormous eyes glare the emptiness long gone sacred feasts
Beyond the lost dreams around
The great empire unreachale top

Oh, glory for the fallen hand in hand with their fate
I see servants of apollo above the triumph shines
Sad ornate kings omnipresent effigies

Untoched order of columns apologies of beauty
Innocence and magic born from the gods
Of aureus white gleaming

The keys of the gates in the hands
Of the dying seraphim, architectural purity

Transcendental vault a hero enlightens
All the corridors an aura emerges

Oh, end of beauty beginning of the end
Sound the trumpets, sound the trumpets

Beyond the frontispiece the black angel
Annihilates with lightning the mortal