Mythological Cold Towers - Akakor -

Letra Akakor

Veiled secrets, engraved in these echoing stones
Arising from long forgotten times

In the lost distant city, where the promontories hide
Obscure colossal statues

Where the radiance permeates
The bloody cenote is buried
Guarded by gorgonians
Now and forevermore
Where the trilithon reflects
Where the seal is open
Where a secret murmur
Breaks the dawn

The perennial fire can be seen burning in akahim
The path of fire
Ruins of my lost kingdom
The winds rhyme through the ruins
Mystical monarchies, necrocratic punishers
In the akai mountains,
An eternal twilight
In the impenetrable forests
The deaf rumbling of drums

Coming from the ugha mongulalas
Porphyrian columns, golden arches
Beyond the great moxo
I found the heralds of immorality,