Mullen Nicole C. - Without You -

Letra Without You

Earth without space
clock without face
ocean with no water
sun with no light
That's me without you

Verse 1:
Let me take a moment to smell the roses of my life
All the things I treasure you supply.
The love of a mother
and a heartfelt press of a child
laughter with my good friends my babys smile
ooo ooo

Every sunrise
when my skies are blue
breath of heaven
I feel you
with each heartbeat
my soul is renewed
can't live my life without you

Verse 2:
I hope it never happens
While I'm living here today
My whole life can shatter and fade away
But after all the heart aches
and tears that I cry
you'd be there to comfort me
till again I realize


It only took one moment
and I surreneder to your grace
see I'm yours forever
and right here here is where I'm gonna stay
Whenever I think of you
you take my breath away
Please believe me
and recieve me
high alpha
my life

Chorus (2x)

Without you