Moryan - My Own Truth -

Letra My Own Truth

Sometimes I wake up
Listening the falling rain and feel
That I am a solitary man
Searching for a reason

To fight, to know
To lose, and win when face
That I am starting again
To know what I must to be

My life is escaping
From my hands
And I'm waiting for the moon
To live again under the earth

'Cause the day become in a curse
And I don't know how to achieve
My own truth
My destiny

Says to stay in darkness
A radio from heaven
But I can't believe that my memory faded
It was my last salvation

I have lost all my feelings
I am turning to grey
I am a solitary man
That is searching for a reason

To love without a touch
To trust without a word
Can believe that's all
Is all for us

To feel, It's enough
We fight without swords
I don't want to live
Without never loved