Morgain - Sorrow -

Letra Sorrow

Dead silence in the valley
Stones are coloured dark
Only moon lights your way
Wind blows softly now
Little fire far off the road
Tired - falling down
Soil and grass is the bed
Dream cought you at night

Cold of night has opened your eyes
So alone in the Valley and the night
Silence comes after the scream
Brain was touched by fear

I have the same feeling, feeling in my mind
I have the same depression, depression in my sight

Morning comes with the storm
Rain's washing your face
Sky is dark and heavy
Clouds have merged with Earth
Dance of drops on the road
You don't want to go
Sticky mud on the feet
I was there before

Water from stones is running wild
Blaze on the sky till the end of time
Last tired movement on the road
Scythe of the death have finished your hope

Blood from heart is running wild
Light at the end of the tunnel dark
The last weak beat of the life
Go and enter the night