Morgain - For You -

Letra For You

One look to your eyes, can I laugh or cry
What a stupid tale, have you told me in this day
I discovered one mistake, that I believed you for a days
It is real, it is now, your eyes make me feel to cry

Standing like a statue
I don't want cry
What a strange feeling
Is running through my heart

When you told me this strange new
I was able nothing to do
Now I remember about all
What did you tell me before
Sweet words about me
Now are falling to the deep
When you see me you give me smile
And you think that it's all right

Your words come to my brain, and I try to understand
I'm looking to you like a fool, but I don't know if you are you
Now it looks like, like a game, where's the looser? Here I am
Only one question in my eyes, what are you waiting from me now?