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Letra Feelings

I found out today
you didn?t really love me
although you?d say
you always did, i loved ya
it is the truth
that?s why i spent some time on you
you turned your back
you lied and you cheated
i want you back
my love is concreted
it is the truth
i am so in love with you
I know we not together
but i?ll show you i am better
do anything i could for ya
just to show you that i love ya (2x)
It?s been so long i stayed
i wish i stayed longer
memories won?t fade
but they already started
it is the truth
forced myself to forget ?bout you
it?ll burn inside
strong ass feelings
i?ve tried to hide
but some already showing
it is the truth
why do you think i stare at you
Chorus 2x
Tell me, do you really love her
i?ll show you, i?m your true lover
can?t hold, wasted time
she could back up it?s my time to shine
i?ll give you, anything you want
to show you, my love is true no reason to front
come here, no fears
to show you pleasures always been here