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Letra There's A Reason

There's a reason that the sick can say that You're the Healer
Why the ones who've known great failing find the arms of a Redeemer
There's a reason we can say
That no weapon formed against us can prevail
For our God is good and He will make a way

Here in the name of the Almighty God
Is our strength and peace; our comfort is
In the face of the eye of the storm
We declare You rule and reign forever

There's a reason that the needy can say You're their Provider
And a reason we believe through every battle we are fighting
There's a reason we will rise
As a city on a hill that cannot hide
We are ruined for all else but Jesus Christ

Free from all shame and the weight of the world
Every curse of sin is beneath our feet
Through the grace of our Saviour and Lord
We are heirs to rule and reign

Our hope will be the singer, Your Word the song within us
As we believe we know that chains will surely break
Our faith will be the dancer to trample fear and cancer
We'll dance on every lie, injustice, doubt and shame, yeah