Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch - Kibou no Kaneoto~Love goes on~(translation) -

Letra Kibou no Kaneoto~Love goes on~(translation)

Why does it wish the end of the dream?
The flowers blooms also in a ruined place
Seven wind color of seven color sky
But I'm of hope in the world!

The mistake, was only a dream
The love adn the mysteries of the memory
Of the pierce and solitarily cldly stick
You are suffering unfortunately!

Pure white!

Gently to rest and sleep in the wings
It's my wish saying that "I want to live"
That's right... come on!

The songs of the hope as they were last bell sounds
Because it is not the world of a strong person alone

Listen to my Love(listen to my love)
Whiting My song!