Mefitic - Deserts Of Wounds -

Letra Deserts Of Wounds

Revealed the message
No more sand hides it from my knowledge
Starring the heaven's height
Through visions of his truthful eyes

"Do I have the strength of stone? Is my flesh bronze?"

Candles burning the pages
Rituals revealed in smoke
Prayers exhaled like incense
To summon ancient prophecies

"For the arrows of the almighty are in me, the poison where of drinketh up my spirit"

Watch the misery falls like sand
From your hands to me
Wounds, spies full of eyes
Depply roughly their voices
Slither in serpent's traces

Engraved in bleeding flesh
By the first ray of light on this earth
Your flaming eye
Burns where it is painful
Between sores and scars
Wide open to you
Like the lacerated womb of a mother

Words of hatred born
Towards you
And the black light of our damnation