Matthew Fowler - Rooftops -

Letra Rooftops

So in love with the brooklyn rooftops
Now I long for the cold
And I've been going places that
I've never seen before
And open roads they feel like home.

So I've made my decision
I can feel it in the breeze
I have my conviction on
Shaking through my knees
So there's a sound in my bones
And I feel it flowing through my veins
And I've learned it doesn't matter what you know about
No, it only matters what you make

So I love an oxford scholar
I love the cold beer and close friends
And I long for the sound of my words
On the lips of those I have not met yet.

So I've made my decision
Things are falling into life
And I've still got my conviction on
And I do believe that it's time
So lets get out of town again
A different start, different air
Another beat, on a famous street
It's time I feel complete
It's time I feel complete
It's time I feel complete

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