Mark Chesnutt - Vickie Vance Gotta Dance -

Letra Vickie Vance Gotta Dance

(bill kenner, mark wright)
Spinnin¡¯ those curlers round all day
her little beauty shop provides a way
to work at home and sleep in late
so she can dance the night away
pilot gotta fly---eagle gotta soar
give a baby candy---gotta give it more
cowboy gotta ride---gambler gotta chance
vickie vance gotta dance---vickie vance gotta dance
She can be dancin¡¯ to nothin¡¯ at all
and she does a mean swing with the shadows on the wall
yeah and i bet she¡¯s done the two step a million times
yeah she drives all the boys on the dance floor wild
Repeat chorus
Oooh, she can¡¯t stand still
yeah, she¡¯s dancin¡¯ off the wall
dancin¡¯ on the window sill