Mark Chesnutt - Numbers On The Jukebox -

Letra Numbers On The Jukebox

(mark chesnutt, roger springer, slugger morrissette)
I can¡¯t recall how many times she said she¡¯d never leave
or the times she swore the only one for her was me
but the angel i was counting on has all but disappeared
and the only trace of her that¡¯s left i find each night in there
cause she¡¯s just numbers on the jukebox that i lean on
there¡¯s a little bit of her in every hurtin¡¯ song
i used to hate the thought of her ¡®til her memory i forget
cause she¡¯s just numbers on the jukebox
B-11 takes me back to the first dance we shared
and a-14 reveals the truth she never cared
one by one they¡¯re telling all the stories of my past
and why the love i thought could never die lies here behind this glass
Repeat chorus