Mar De Grises - Recklessness -

Letra Recklessness

Pretend my face is burning
... oohhh infinite,
Would you care?
Pretend your hand could touch
... My meaningless life,
Would you save me?

Are you there?
In that grey horizon ...
Were the sun sets peacefully
And the light drips down by my eyes ...

I'm drowning in my own thoughts
Yet no one seem to care
Can you see me?
I'm taking my black soul
Away.... from this white world
Can you hear me?

(I'm so cold
that I can hardly move)

Timeless sins
Will break me apart
Ohh, but no one knows
Would you care?

This is a torment
More than what you can see
Infinite has taken me

I'm on my knees
And it gets to me
Even if I fly far
Even if I run fast
Even if I swim deep
It still gets me
Even if my heart stops
Even if my tears remain
... Undry
It still hauntes me

Nothing that I'll ever do
Nothing that I'll ever say
Will ever matter...
Just tell me, why?