Mar De Grises - For Just An Eternity -

Letra For Just An Eternity

I'll seem to cry
For I'll be down and grey
I'll die
I'll leave once again
And my mesmerised thoughts
Come and feed the burden of my soul
I hope I'll breathe
Until all I can see... its you

Ruido continuo...
Del constante vaivén de mi vida
Del imperturbable silencio de mi pecho..
....Como podría empezar a entender...
Ayúdame... ayúdame...

For all I care to you...

I have much love... it fits nowhere
Waiting in despair
It goes through my soul
I have seen it fade... so many times
And for just one moment.... I'm there again

I long for those times
The ones that brought tears and laughs
The ones that brought love and hate
The ones that would never end

I long for a friendful hand
I long for a place to rest

But still I'm afraid
the sun will shine
her tears will dry

I'm living no longer
A stone with no name
For my dead its been late
... for many years now
I´m no longer afraid
It will just be a moment
A sinless taste...

... Of an eternity