Malleus - Líber - Oz -

Letra Líber - Oz

Guive me plene redemption
Demonstrating the power
Of your hidden cult
The supreme art
Of those why practise
The magick
Uneveness of heaven
The secret of star`s center
Sheeding my light
Lead me in the path
Of real magic
Living under one law
Making my wish

I`m a star heaven
No other god apart from me
I`m the only conqueror
All the souls are stars
All the numbers are infinites
There is no difference
We`re the great castle`s stones

Restriction is the
True word`s sin
Do what you want
And nobody will tell you not
Lost essences stay
Secret for own reward
This is strongest law
Own ancient law
And happyness of the world
You don`t posses rights
Beyond of to make your will

(repeat refrain.)

God and worshipper
Are notting
They are fools that man idolise
Your god of failed systems
Submissions and repression
Hypocrisis and weakness
Burn your lie face
With your god and worshipper
There is death for the dogs

The word of law is do what you want
The key of rituals are in secret word
The spirit crusher is the law`s key
Awakefor the pure
And free intentions
But its art will never desappear
And weak be cursed forever

(repeat refrain.)

My people was on the earth
Guide my hand
And iluminate my path
Where i am they always been
That corret is always corret
That dirty is always dirty
You`re what you`re
The slaves will to serv forever

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