Magnus - Pharisee -

Letra Pharisee

Judas! Judas! - betrayed his own clan
Judas! Judas! - determined lot

It's me, it's me, waiting for the sign
Judas! Judas! - it's just me

Pharisee! Pharisee! I'm in you, now you know

Sadism! sadism! - careless violence
Sadism! sadism! - evil witches laugh
Treason! treason! - our victorious days
Antichrist - it's you, it's me

I'm taking you there, where you were before
I'm taking you there, where those as you
You sent to the cross
Cross! cross! cross! cross!

Tubs with blood, remnants of shattered heads
Black flags, kingdom of ghastly evil
Unburied toms, waiting for your movement
You are the ruler, whatever you'll command

He's hardening your mind
I, you, he, Judas!

Fight! fight! fight! fight
'cause he's in you