Magical Jillian - For My Mom With Love -

Letra For My Mom With Love

I love you and you know this
I don't want you see me bad
When the things are wrong

Oh mom!
When you're sad
My heart bleeds so
I feel what you feel
I know what you live

All I want is make you happy
If you cry
I die

Mom what can I do for help you?
I'll give you the world
I don't have money to buy
What you need
But don't forget
You'll never be alone

A thousand times I wished be in your place
You overcome the pain
The victory you embrace
All my inspiration belongs to you
You're on top of the top
You light my mind
Talking to me wtih your wise
Accept this humble song
From all my gratitute
What a wonderful mom for all your sons
The best mom of the universe