Lupine Moon - Spirits of the Native Warriors -

Letra Spirits of the Native Warriors

Across the plains the echo blows
Whispers of battles past
Of genocidal bloodshed
Resisting to the last

The whispers speak of courage
Of dignity and pride
Defenders of their culture
Of family and tribe

Warriors of honor
Fighting to the death
Defying the invaders
'Til they'd taken their last breath

Expansion of brutality
Manifest at any cost
Murder of identity
A history is lost

Hold on to tradition
Passed down from ages old
Learning of the heritage
From tales the elders told

Fearless in defiance
The warriors stood their ground
Gathering strength from the spirits
To cast their enemies down

They came in greater numbers
Shooting fire from their hands
An overwhelming wave of force
Too powerful to withstand

Honorless opressors
Hunting them like game
An enemy that knew not
The boundaries of shame