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Letra Put My Foot Down

I woke up to rain so,
I fell back to sleep
Found myself surrounded
In the jungle so deep
Vultures and tigers circling around
But I wont be moved
I put my foot down

I put my foot down

Step by step
I'm climbing the street
The higher I get, the more I can see
The more I can see, the less I can hear
The noises and voices buzzing in my ear

I put my foot down

Now I'm dancing down second street
I'm spinning round in golden wheat
Living in life when I can be me
I won't be pushed
I won't be moved
I'll swim in the river under the silver moon
Waiting for the sun to break the rule
I'll wif out those wickle wings

And painted jeans run on top of maple leaves
Feelin free racin to the top of the hill so I can see
And these city lights high above
I wonder if you ever felt the lift of love
That keeps me standing on my feet

I'm watching rain drops
Fall from the clouds
They pop on my tongue and now I'm laughing aloud
When my laughter woke me
I smiled at the sound
I sat myself up and put my foot down

I put my foot down